PLATEPULLER® now fits all US license plates!

When commuting on two wheels in the city, your license plate needs as much protection as your bike.

Plates are constantly being bent when removing motorcycle covers, stolen by hooligans and getting tagged.

Many people have solved this problem by removing their plates at night. Velcro® is the most common method of plate attachment, but it often fails. It doesn’t work well in the rain, and loses all grabbing power when dirty.

PLATEPULLER® is bolted to your bike at all times. It allows your plate to slide in and out through a discreet slot on the side. It protects your plate when you pull your cover off and the round edges protect your cover from tears and rips.

It is machined from a solid block of aluminum and then anodized to protect against oxidation. All included hardware is stainless steel.

Remove your plate just as fast as with Velcro®, but with the security of bolting it to your bike.