Your license plate needs as much protection as your bike.

Plates are constantly being bent, stolen, and getting tagged.

Many people have solved this problem by removing their plates at night. Velcro® is the most common method of plate attachment, but it often fails. It doesn’t work well in the rain, and loses all grabbing power when dirty.

PLATEPULLER® is bolted to your bike at all times. It allows your plate to slide in and out through a discreet slot on the side. It protects your plate when you pull your cover off and the round edges protect your cover from tears and rips.

Bike with Platepuller
PLATEPULLER<sup>®</sup> Silver close-up

Remove your plate just as fast as with Velcro®, but with the security of bolting it to your bike.

PLATEPULLER® is machined from a solid block of aluminum and then anodized to protect against oxidation. All included hardware is stainless steel.

Fits all US license plates.

Made in the USA.


Every PLATEPULLER® purchase includes stainless steel mounting hardware, an adhesive backed friction strip, and installation instructions. PLATEPULLER® fits both flat and embossed US plates.

PLATEPULLER Original Black




PLATEPULLER Original Black No Holes - Drill them where you want them

No Holes

Drill them where you want them

PLATEPULLER Engraved Skulls

Engraved: Skulls

PLATEPULLER Engraved Birds

Engraved: Birds

PLATEPULLER Engraved Live Free

Engraved: Live Free


Engraved: Flag


Engraved: Rays

PLATEPULLER Engraved Skeleton

Engraved: Skeleton

PLATEPULLER Engraved Tiger

Engraved: Tiger

PLATEPULLER Engraved Flowers

Engraved: Flowers


Engraved: Sun

PLATEPULLER Engraved Circles

Engraved: Circles


Made in the U.S.A.


PLATEPULLER® has a slot on one side that the plate can be slid in and out of. A friction strip is attached to the back of your license plate which securely holds it in place and allows it to slide in and out smoothly. This holds the plate very securely and it will not budge until you remove it.
We now have one version that fits both flat plates and embossed plates. We have confirmed the fit on these US plates: NY, NJ, CT, VA, FL, PA, TN. This is a pretty wide selection and covers all of the different styles currently used in the US.
PLATEPULLER® measures 4 1/2” x 7 1/2” x 3/8”. Just slightly larger than your license plate. It’s mounting holes also match those of a license plate.

You can download this pdf which shows it in 1:1 scale:

No it’s not. According to the DMV a motorcycle or scooter without a license plate will be ticketed and or towed. PLATEPULLER® is intended for use only in your garage or on private property. It is not designed for use on public property. Please review your local traffic laws before purchasing PLATEPULLER®.
Yes, you can position the PLATEPULLER® so that the slot is either on the left or right side. When purchasing an engraved version, please specify which side you would like the slot so that it is oriented correctly during engraving.
Installation will be easiest if you use a #3 Phillips Head screwdriver and a 7/16" wrench. As you can see in the video below, you can also install it with a pair of pliers and other sizes of phillips head screwdrivers, but it will be easier if you use the proper tools.
The nuts that come included are called nyloc nuts. The plastic is there so that the nut will not loosen over time with temperature change and vibration.
If you're having trouble installing them you should make sure that your phillips head screwdriver is big enough(#3 phillips is best). If the screwdriver tip is too small it may wiggle and pop out of the screw easily. If your screwdriver fits fine then try pushing the screwdriver into the screw and turning the nut instead. This is easier than turning the screw as there is less friction on the nut. It is meant to be a tight fit, that ensures that it stays on.
If you have the loop side on your license plate you can leave it on and it will function in place of the friction strip. If you have the hook side on your license plate,it is best to remove it and install the included friction strip. You should always remove any Velcro® from your license plate mounting bracket before bolting PLATEPULLER onto it.





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